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2018-10-07, 13:31

What brand of foundation do you use?

I have always had a hard time finding foundation that I actually like - one that feels good, covers up imperfections, and actually matches my skin tone (which is hard for me since most foundations have either too much of a pink undertone or an orange/red  undertone, whereas I need  more of a yellow  golden undertone). 

Over a year ago, I ran into a department store and quickly asked the lady working for helping to recommend a liquid foundation - I didn't have high hopes but I was out of my previous one that I hated so I felt like I had nothing to lose, well, except for money, haha. 

She matched my skin tone and recommended me Double Wear Light

Soft Matte Hydra Makeup SPF 10. I actually loved it! And now I have been buying it ever since, it lasts quite awhile too, I think I go through 2 to 3 bottles in a year. In the summer I have to buy a shade darker since I get a tan. 

I do also apply a very light setting powder foundation from Clinique which I don't totally love, in fact I think the colour doesn't match my skin tone that well. But I only apply it very lightly.

2018-10-09, 01:00

I am in love with Urban Decays ‘All Nighter’ liquid foundation, it’s quite expensive but very full coverage for that flawless look! It’s also vegan!

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-02, 20:53

I use Clinique. I like to use a light foundation and they have a good.

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