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2018-10-18, 13:59

Lancome lipstick has perfume

I got a trial size bright red lipstick when I bought mascara from Lancome. It has some very strong floral perfume smell in it. I put it on to test the color and noticed right away that I am too sensitive for it. 

So FYI to those of you sensitive to perfumes, make sure you test Lancome products in the store before purchasing it. 

I am just wondering like why in the world does a lipstick need perfume in it? 

To me, it makes zero sense. Confused

2018-10-19, 07:24

I have not been able to buy Lancôme products for years. Even the eyeshadow has perfume in it. Or at least it used to.

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2018-10-19, 10:53

Thankfully, the mascara I ordered from them didn't have any perfume in it!

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