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2019-11-10, 17:23

American vs French makeup style

I thought this video was really interesting 😊 After watching a few of these videos, Ive realised I have more of a french style of makeup. More so out of laziness 😅. Ive never done any proper contouring and rarely do full eyeshadow. I try to keep things simple and if I feel like doing more, I do winged eyeliner or bold lips. What about you?

2019-11-11, 11:58

Without reading the text, I could easily guess which was which. 😀 I prefer the European style. Humans are naturally beautiful and don’t need to cover up their faces.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2019-11-11, 12:07

I agree. I think the American style can be fun sometimes but definitely not the average day.

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