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2020-04-27, 11:44

Oh k! Fruit foot peeling mask

I just ordered this foot mask and I can’t wait to try it. I don’t know about you but I detest cracked dry feet. It feels so unattractive and in my case down right annoying! I don’t normally have dry heels but I’ve been going on daily walks so they must have dried up from that. A few weeks ago I got a fissure in my heel, which hurt like a b****! I bought some cream from the apotek and disinfected it until it healed somewhat but the cream didn’t really work to fix the cracking. I wanted to buy the watermelon and citrus foot peeling mask that I spotted at a store once before but I could not find it at a decent price with free shipping. So I bought this one! We’ll see how it works. https://ohklife.com/products/peeling-foot-mask. I’ve never used a chemical peel on my feet before, although I do use chemical exfoliants on my face frequently. I’m excited to find out the result! This product uses different chemical peeling acids that are also commonly used for your face as well, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid. So it makes the skin peel quite a lot for several days 🤢 but it should do the trick to leave your feet as soft as ever!

2020-05-17, 09:35

So this did end up working! I thought at first that it did nothing because I didn’t see any changes on my heels for several days but then I saw them peel for a couple of days and now they are pretty smooth. I think I’ll have to do it one more time before summer though. But it is very much worth the 100kr! I bought some other creams from the pharmacy that did nothing for more money.

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